What does infer-dims do?

I wonder what does infer-dims do in deepstream.
In the manual, it says Binding dimesnsions to set on the image input layer.(ex: infer-dims=3;224;224)
Does this mean that it would change the incoming stream to 224x224 frame and inference from there?

Also, the 3 in the example is supposed to mean channels.
What does channels mean in this example? I have only seen 3 for all cases.

It will convert and scale first based on network input, here by network width and height 224*224, you can see the FAQ about how nvinfer works.
DeepStream SDK FAQ comment 1#
and for RGB or BGR format input, the channel is 3, for gray input, the channel is 1.

Hi @amycao
Thanks for the reply.
Can you let me know what happens when 224 * 224 image comes in, (I guess it will pass itself as-is.
and when 448 * 448 comes in, and 896 * 896 comes in?

when 224*224 comes in, no scale, when 448*448 or 896*896 scale will happen.