what does mean cuda compatible GeForce GT540M?

I’m Federico. i would like to buy this notebook: Samsung NP-RF511-S01IT with NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1GB DD3 VRAM
http://www.shoppydoo.co.uk/price-notebo … 1_s01.html

Well, my problem is that i’m very dummy about hardware and high tecnology. I’m just an architect and i use blender and luxrender for my rendering. I would like to have a new note book with seven64 bit and a graphic card with Cuda and the openCl Library couse i would like to use the new feature of luxrender to render using cpu and gpu too. Well, i have a doubt about
GeForce GT 540M 1GB DD3 does it possess cuda? in other notebooks it’s specified with a stamp on the notebook, in this model of computer no. May i use Samsung NP-RF511-S01IT with this graphic card for Cuda, OpenCl Library and use the release of luxrender with both possibility to render with cpu and gpu? if i understand, Cuda is a lenguage not an hardware component, is it so? a compatible graphic card means that you can use the cuda lenguage downloading the drivers for the Ge Force GT540M from the Nvidia website and nothing else? Are you sure?

This page says GT 540M is CUDA-enabled.

As long as luxrender says it supports CUDA or OpenCL then the card could be utilized. Though I doubt if this card would be fast enough for any serious rendering job.

That mobile chip should run it just fine… how fast it will run nobody knows… but it’s a pretty modern chip. It has the latest cuda 2.1 compute capabilities and pretty ok bandwidth and lot’s of memory.

I’d go for it if I wanted a laptop/notebook ! ;)