What does Node::setState() means?

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Hi, @ VickNV , I have some questions about the state in CGF. what does Node::setState() mean? How many states are in the node? What is this API for? How to use or reset the state in a node? Many thanks.

Compute Graph Framework SDK Reference: Schedule Switching (nvidia.com)

The switching happens in three sequential steps:

  1. The current STM schedule is being stopped. Atm STM can only stop the schedule at hyperepoch boundaries. This implies that stopping an ongoing schedule might take up to the length of the longest hyperepoch of the current schedule.
  2. All nodes are being notified of the new state name (see dw::framework::Node::setState()).

Nodes shouldn’t perform any long running task in this function to make the schedule switch as fast as possible.

  1. The new (or potentially the same) STM schedule is being started.

After the schedule switch has been completed SSM is being notified about it.

Dear @wuyingjin ,
CGF itself doesn’t define specific states. Those states are defined by each application in the .app.json file under the key “states”. Each of the states is associated with a schedule and when the schedule is switched, each node is being notified of the new state, see “setState()” in the schedule switching documentation( Compute Graph Framework SDK Reference: Schedule Switching (nvidia.com) for when this happens

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