What does perf event "armv8_pmuv3/mem_access/" mean?

Hi! I am new to the perf tool and AGX Xavier. I am trying to get the total memory access data when running an application.

I have noticed that there is a predefined event “armv8_pmuv3/mem_access/” when using the “perf list” command. What does this event mean?

For example, when I run this command,

sudo ./perf stat -e armv8_pmuv3/mem_access/ python test.py

it returns this,

 Performance counter stats for 'python test.py':

        17,507,555      armv8_pmuv3/mem_access/                                     

       0.077044232 seconds time elapsed

What does 17,507,555 mean? Does it mean the total memory access data when running test.py? What is the unit of it, bit or Byte or somethng else?

Thank you in advance!

Hi chongxiao_li,

Please reference detail with below link:

Thank you for your reply!

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