What does the client data mean?

I found an API interface named setClientData() and getClientData().
What does the client data mean?I tried to set “123” and “12345” and it doesn’t make any difference.

What is the correct way to use this interface?


The APIs can be used to put your own date to the buffer. Please refer to code in


I understood the ‘date’ is ‘data’ right?
Also, I found the API in Request.h is different from the API in BufferStream.h.The Request.h prefer to pass int type as a param while the BufferStream.h prefer to pass void* type as a param.Both the two APIs could put users’ own data for later usage, is that right?

In 10_camera_recording, it refers to BufferStream.h. If you need to attach private data to each buffer, you can malloc() a memory to put the data, and call setClientData().

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