What environment JetPack sets in host before flashing Image to tx2 board?

Hi Everyone,
We have been trying to flash image into the Jetson TX2 board using the flash.sh script located at 64_TX2/Linux_for_Tegra_tx2.

We are trying to flash the image by the command ->./flash.sh jetson-tx2

Our Jetson board seems to be crashing repeatedly in loop after flashing of the image.

We wanted only a specific image to be flashed and hence also tried the -K option to specify the tx2 kernel image location while flashing by issuing the command ->./flash.sh jetson-tx2 -K <kernel_image>

No luck, always a crash loop in the tx2 board after flashing.

Is it mandatory to flash the image by using the JetPack installer? What environment does the JetPack set on the host pc before doing the image flash to the tx2 board?

The network in my 14.04 laptop is not working and JetPack does not show the installation options without access to network. As such, I went with the approach of trying to flash image using the flash.sh script. Any idea how a specific kernel image can be flashed by giving corresponding command line options? What environment does the JetPack setup before flashing the image?


If for some reason the image flashed is truncated or corrupt it might do this. First, how much space do you have on your host in the partition you used, and is it a native Linux type? See:

cd /where/ever/it/is/Linux_for_Tegra
df -H -T .

You might also find default partition sizes limiting. You can get the maximum eMMC use with this flash:

sudo ./flash.sh -S 29318MiB jetson-tx2 mmcblkop1

What is the exact byte size of the raw image generated during the flash? From the Linux_for_Tegra directory:

ls -ld bootloader/system.img*

Can you verify the raw version is loopback mountable?

sudo mount bootloader/system.img.raw /mnt
cd /mnt
cd -
sudo umount /mnt

NOTE: Under U-Boot the kernel image itself is just a file copy, no flash required.