What graphics card will be best for Ominverse - USD Composer?

I am looking to purchase a new computer which can better run Omniverse USD Composer and/or Code. We are looking at mobile workstations (I need a mobile computer) with the following options:

RTX 4080
RTX 4090
RTX 5000 Ada Generation

Which of these would be the best for using Omniverse USD Composer?


Well they are all good cards but obviously you want the fastest card or the card with the most VRAM. The 4090 is faster than the 4080 and the A5000. The A5000 is a workstation card if that is important to you.

Hi Richard -

Thanks for the reply. My understanding is that the A5000 is different than the RTX 5000 Ada, or am I wrong?

So, are you suggesting that the 4090 is likely best because is faster and has more VRAM than either the 4080 or RTX 5000 Ada (or A5000, whatever it is. :))


The 4090 will be the fastest. As for vram you will have to check the specific laptop. The desktop version is 24gb

Ok, thanks.

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