What is ~/agx_rootfs directory on host pc?

Hello all,
I’m new to nvidia device( agx xavior). I installed sdkmanager on the host pc and the agx device flashing was successful.
However, since then, various directory has been created on the host pc, and I don’t know what their purpose is and whether it can be deleted.

  1. why does it need ~/agx_rootfs?
  2. can I delete ~/Download/nvidia/sdkm_downloads ?

FYI, I first installed JETPACK 4.5 LINUX on the host pc, but I delete it. Becuase I plan to develop directly on the target device,

Thank you.

I don’t see any ~/agx_rootfs on my device, what content is in it?

Normally this would be:

The content there is used to generate the rootfs image. Not sure if this is correct for your case.

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