What is best way to generate a 2D B/W image that scrolls from an external trigger

I am trying to create a printing application.
For this my image is a two-dimensional black and white image.
The image can be very large with around 100,000 features.
The printing head will be 1920x1080 controlled through a HDMI cable.
The printing head will only expose a small part of the image.
The part to be exposed will sit on a stage that will send position information to the code.
The image displayed will depend on this location.
The whole part will be scanned, thus exposing the whole part.

It seems like a graphics card with its GPU is the ideal hardware.
I hope to get some ideas on how to best accomplish this.

  1. What is the best environment for generating the 2-dimensional B/W image?
  2. How to get the position information into the graphics card?

Hi, I’m also interested in knowing the right way.