What is best way to install MicroK8s Kubernetes on a Jetson Xavier NX?


I have a Jetson Mate https://www.seeedstudio.com/Jetson-Mate-Cooling-Kit-p-4784.html,
that I would like to fill up with Xavier NX Dev-board and run MicroK8s Kubernetes.
The official wiki setup is with at full K8s Kubernets Jetson Mate - Seeed Wiki

I have looked at this video “Simplifying Kubernetes across the Clouds: MicroK8s on NVIDIA Tech Stack” Login - #1 AI Conference | GPU Technology Conference | NVIDIA Where they make a point out of not having any Nvidia drivers installed, before installing MicroK8s.

Would that mean I should install Ubuntu 18.04 on bare NX dev-board metal and install MicroK8s using Snap, and not use JetPack?

I see that there is a releas candidate on MicroK8s 1.22 That I would like to try.

I think follow this Jetson Mate - Seeed Wiki for jetson device should be fine.

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