What is difference between the MPI PBSscript and CUDA

Hi, I am a newbie to cluster computing and I am unable to understand the differences between the CUDA MPI and PBS script though i have written some sample PBS scripts and submitted them as jobs in queue but I still dont know the exact use/difference between these scripts. Anyone explaining the answers would be appreciated


You are going to have to ask your system administrator. This has nothing to do with CUDA.

EDIT: Reading the title of you post makes a bit more sense than the post itself and I was a bit overzealous in my initial reply. To expand a bit: PBS is a cluster job submission system. MPI is an interprocess communication system which allows processes running in different memory spaces to communicate and exchange data. CUDA is NVIDIA’s proprietary system for executing massively parallel calculations on its most recent generations of GPUs. All three are completely independent and perform completely different functions. If you have questions about MPI or PBS, this isn’t the place to ask them.

I’ll try to clarify that by saying that PBS and MPI have nothing to do with cuda.

PBS and MPI are messengers, Cuda is a work horse, comparing their qualities is meaningless, and this forum isn’t for the messengers.