What is different between Jetpack via Jetson`s terminal and Host Computer


I`ve been enjoying the jetson with Jetpack 4.4.

Tried to reflash the board to Jetpack 4.3 via SDK manager(Host computer to Jetson board), but it`s not working properly(SSH connection error).

So after flashing the OS image, I just typed “sudo apt-get install nvidia-jetpack” on the Jetson.

It seems that CUDA libraries are successfully installed.

But, we found that it uses much more smaller storage.

To find out what we missed, I wonder if someone can tell me the difference between the result of installing the Jetpack.


I didn’t do the comparison between them. They should be same to each other.
How much is the storage difference?

Hi, via terminal was 5GB smaller

Let us verify it on our side. Thanks for this info.

Hi yjsun111,

Using sdkmanager to install sdk components is the same with using command “nvidia-jetpack” to install.
They are total used 7.5GB.

Thank you for your patience.
I might miss something, I`ll double-check again.