What is `digits` user password on the NVIDIA DIGITS 6 Ubuntu 16.04 AMI?

Encountered the issue noted here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1026757/aws-ami/-quot-folder-does-not-exist-or-is-not-reachable-quot-on-digits-ami/1

In particular, downloading data logged in as ubuntu meant data wasn’t in proper place (i.e., not in /home/digits/data) and didn’t have proper permissions.

Would prefer to login via ssh as ubuntu and then su digits to avoid that problem, hence the question.


In my case, it was 12345.

I just tried following as password and above password worked for me: digits, nvidia, 123, 12345, 123456.

Something that would work for everyone is to do this.

First, ssh into the AWS instance as a user with sudo privileges. User “ubuntu” should be fine.

Then enter these commands:

To login to root user

sudo su

Change digits password

passwd digits

Exit from root


Try logging into digits with new password

su digits