What is eswitch inline mode and how can I use it to get performance boost?

I’ve been playing around devlink and saw there is an eswitch inline-mode that you use for packet steering/acceleration. I have Connect X-5, but I can’t figure out when inline modes can be changed and when these cannot. Because sometimes they does and sometimes I get not supported error.

Also, how much performance boost does it provide in all modes?

Hi Zaid,

eswitch is supported on kernels starting from kernel version 4.9; for Linux distro

kernels earlier than 4.9.0, eswitch is supported only on RHEL7.x and on XenServer

7.1 CU2.

if you are looking into deploying ASAP2 solution for OVS hardware offload & accelerate switch and packet processing, we have a section in our user manual as well as several posts in our community.

(Support in ASAP2—Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing®).

NVIDIA Accelerated Switching And Packet Processing (ASAP2) technology allows OVS offloading by

handling OVS data-plane in ConnectX-5 onwards NIC hardware (Embedded Switch or eSwitch) while

maintaining OVS control-plane unmodified. As a result, you observe significantly higher OVS

performance without the associated CPU load.