What is fsync width?

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I have TDM8 mic array. All works fine. But signal which I get from arecord command is shifted to 65000 approximately. This is not problem 'cos I correct shift programmatically. And recently I noticed that at high sound volume I get very bad picture.sound overflowing
It is very similar to overflowing in somewhere. And I suppose this overflowing is connected to signal shift. How I can adjust Nano to remove this signal offset? I have found that fsync width can enlarge and make smaller signal offset, but not so small as I wish.

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I got what I want:

sound overflowing

with fsync width = 15:
amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sset ‘I2S4 fsync width’ 15

getting sound with command:
arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 16 -r 16000 -f S16_LE cap.wav

BUT, I have 16 channels instead of 8, 8 channels are nulls:

and I get 8 kHz instead of 16 kHz

How I can get 8 channels and 16 kHz?


What is the sample size that is produced by the mic array? The above would seem to suggest that it is 32-bit and not 16-bit. Or maybe 24-bits in 32-bit samples. Hence, why you see data in the lower 16-bits only. If that is the case then you could try …

amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sset ‘I2S4 fsync width’ 31
arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 8 -r 16000 -f S32_LE cap.wav

When you say it is not 16kHz, what do you mean? By setting ‘-r 16000’ should make the fsync period 16kHz.


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mic array produces 32 bit per sample probably, probably 'cos I did not see it myself without ocsilloscope.

amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sset ‘I2S4 fsync width’ 31
this doesnt work - channels simply shift, first becomes second and so on

about frequency - question not actual, that was my error

about 24bit in 32 bit sample - iteresting idea, I will try to do something about it

hi again!

data was in high 2 bytes of DWORD, as you said + there was an error in codec

80 db

sound overflowing

thank you very much!)


Thanks for the update. I assume that all your issues are resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else.