What is INT_MAX value in ffmpeg?

This maybe a naive question, but could someone please tell me what is the value of INT_MAX as it relates to nvenc? In ffmpeg, the nvenc documentation makes lots of references to this, for example:

-rc-lookahead E…V… Number of frames to look ahead for rate-control (from 0 to INT_MAX) (default 0)

If this refers to the x64 architecture then the value would be 263-1. But it would be ludicrous to use that number of frames for lookahead. So what does this actually mean?

Type int on 64 bit systems is usually 32 bits. So the macro INT_MAX is 2147483647.

Okay thanks. I think you’re technically right, but I was trying to figure out what is the realistic maximum. I didn’t try it, but surely no GPU has enough memory to actually look ahead that huge number of frames…