What is Jetson TX2 NX Ethernet PHY? Should I disable EEE?

I found follow phrase in Jetson/FAQ/BSP - eLinux.org

Ethernet issue on Jetson TX2

The Broadcom Ethernet PHY used on Jetson TX2 has issue when Energy-Efficient Ethernet(EEE) enabled. Apply patch and enable CONFIG_EQOS_DISABLE_EEE kernel config, or user may meet some kinds of Ethernet issue (long delay, link down, transfer stuck or something else). The patch is merged in L4T R32.3.

Is this problem of specific Ethernet PHY?
What is Ethernet PHY of Jetson TX2?
What is Ethernet PHY of Jetson TX2 NX?
Should Jetson TX2 NX disable EEE?

PHY related only.

TX2 is using Broadcom NIC while TX2 NX should be realtek RTL8211F.

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