What is new in L4T 32.5 OTA update

Hi @WayneWWW ,
I have come across some documents and understood that OTA upgrade - upgrades the nvidia related packages by following some steps.
Both in L4T32.3.1 and L4T32.4.2 when upgraded using the steps, upgrades nvidia related packages and so the L4T and jetpack gets upgraded.

I was trying to understand what is the extra feature for OTA introduced in L4T32.5?

When I tried to compare the L4T 32.4.2 and L4T 32.5, I found a folder ota_tools were some scripts related to version, to decompress ota packages, handle exceptions, etc., are present. What does these script exactly do?

Deepika S

We are targeting image based full system OTA and A/B full file system redundancy features in JP 4.6.
Those ota scripts in ota_tools are part of that and will be ready for JP 4.6.

Hi @WayneWWW ,

Thanks for your response.

I am unable to understand since I am a newbie. Could you explain me what is image based full system OTA upgrade and A/B?
Other than this what are the OTA changes implemented in 32.5 compared to the older releases.

Can’t tell you about the changes, but the A/B creates duplicate boot support partitions, and if one boot fails, it can fail over to the other set. If you look at “lsblk” output you’ll see a lot of non-mounted partitions…these are used for boot, and could sort of be considered the equivalent of the “BIOS” plus bootloader in a PC motherboard. If they go bad without A/B, then you have to flash again. In theory, if something goes wrong when the A/B redundancy is installed, then you have a second chance to fix the issue without flashing.

The OTA is just making upgrades “purely by package” which can be performed remotely over a network.