What is NVIDIA's recommended SSD?

Hi, Team

I’d like to data acquisition with SSD, I tried to get the Samsung SSD that name is Samsung 850 EVO and Samsung 750 EVO refering to the following URL.

Although these SSDs have been already EOL, so please tell me about the latest SSD which NVIDIA recomemends.

Thanks for your support!!

Dear shnxtyj,

We used SSDs that supported that the writing specification at the time.
If the products are EOL, I think you can select and use the products that meet the specifications. Thanks.

How can I achieve the maximum USB 3.0 write throughput for data acquisition?
You should be able to achieve USB3.0-SSD write speeds between 400 and 500-megabytes per second, depending on the brand of the USB3.0 SSD being used. NVIDIA has tested extensively with Samsung 850 EVO and Samsung 750 EVO SSDs, where the SSDs are formatted with the EXT4 file system.