What is "overlapping non-identical data" error?

What could cause the following compilation error while compiling linker for separate compilation?

nvlink fatal : Internal error: overlapping non-identical data

Could it be due to my code or nvcc bug?

I am wondering the same thing – could not find anything to direct me to the issue.

I have a code base that compiles and runs with:
Cuda compilation tools, release 5.0, V0.2.1221
Cuda compilation tools, release 5.5, V5.5.0

but fails at linking stage with:
Cuda compilation tools, release 6.0, V6.0.1

It could be a bug. Provide a short sample that reproduces the error, if you like. One that compiles on 5.5 but fails on 6.0 would be interesting.

The same code base links with: (no internal error about overlapping…)
Cuda compilation tools, release 6.5, V6.5.12

Program runs and correctly detects lack of proper driver.

So it might be a bug in CUDA 6.0.