what is "SASS" short for ?

what is “SASS” short for ?

I know it is an asembly level native code ISA targeting specific hardware,
exits in between PTX code and binary code.
but anyone could kindly tell me what does each character stands for ?

all that i can find about Fermi hardware native instruction is in cuobjdump.pdf, but it only gives their names, where can I find more information such as their throughput or latency or IPC or CPI, undertaking units corresponding to each intruction, like SFU, FPU ?

Thank you.

According to this, SASS means “Source and Assembly”

thank you very much, answer confirmed.

I don’t think you read that correctly. I interpret the bullet point you are referring to:

as meaning that cuda-gdb supports source level debugging and assembly level debugging, with assembly meaning SASS rather PTX. I don’t have a good source for this, but I would guess that SASS is “Shader Assember”.

That sounds much more convincing to me since I had myself a hard time to figure out where the source part was coming from… So as much as the ASS was clearly pointing to assembly, the initial S was still not so well explained for me (despite the link I pointed). Thanks for the correction.

It means Streaming ASSembler. Obviously. From https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9798258/what-is-sass-short-for

Short Acronym, Subject to Speculation.

No, that is for sure. From Author https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9798258/what-is-sass-short-for