What is TEE's role for DDR net?

I noticed that every network in the DDR module has a TEE. What is his role?
What happens if I get rid of this TEE?


Could you share more detail? What DDR module and TEE are you talking about?

I can not upload pictures.Can you see the schematic diagram?
There is a symbol,which part referenceon is T4B24 on the DDR0_CLKP network.
what is the role of T4B24? What happens if I get rid of T4B24?

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The "add attachment "button can not be used. Could you please check the schematic diagram? Thank you.

What schematic diagram are you indicating? Please upload it to a link if you cannot use “add attachment” button.

The schematic diagram is “BEAVER_T124_FABD” and the PCB file is “PM375_D00_Allegro_layout”.

Hi leakeysong, those are just marks for schematic design and not added into layout, no effect if remove them.

thank you very much