What is the best PGI version to model WRFV3.5.1?


I need to know what the best PGI version to WRFV3.5.1. My current version is PGI 9.0, but this version does not work with WRFV3.5.1.

The message below appears during configure command:

************************** W A R N I N G **********************

There are some Fortran 20003 features in WRF that your compiler does not recognize
The IEEE signaling call has been removed. That may not be enough.

Best Regards,
Pedro Ivo Diógenis Belo

Hi Pedro Ivo Diógenis Belo,

We added F2003 support back in the 2011 compilers. However, I would recommend using the latest release since the compilers have continued to improve since then

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