What is the best USB hub for connecting cameras to TX2

Hi, I am going to connect two D435 Realsesnse cameras to Jetson TX2 development kit. In my current setup I connect a mouse, a keyboard and two D435 cameras, using a USB3 hub to TX2 but it fails in camera streaming and also it has lots of issues when I simply want to use the keyboard. Is there any suggestion which USB hub is the best for this purpose. Many thanks.

We suggest use PCIe-USB card. So that the bandwidth can be shared to other lanes.

For connecting USB hub to type A port, the bandwidth is still limited to one USB3.

Besides, D435 takes significant bandwidth, please apply the patch to get better performance.

Many thanks. As I am new with TX2 and ubuntu, could you guide me what do I need to do in order to apply the patch (I didn’t get what I need to follow in this link L4T Jetson/r32.2.1 patch - eLinux.org). Thank you.

Please check
[Xavier]Patch for RealSense D435

I tried another USB3 hub and I can use two cameras now.

Thank you. It is for Xavier, can I use it on TX2?

Increasing falcon frequency should improve performance. You can skip the firmware update since it is specific to Jetson Xavier.