What is the correct value of pkc_disable for PKC?

There are contradictory descriptions in an app note and in the l4t doc.

So, what is the correct value of pkc_disable for PKC?

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Fuse Specification

L4T Doc

Fuses and Security

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And in the README_secureboot.txt located in the bootloader folder the default values are:

PKC - 0x1, NS - 0x1 (T210)

which is not equal with :

L4T Doc

PKC: 0x01 (T194)

NS: 0x00 (T210)

Fuses and Security

We can see the contradiction. Will check and update the correct setting of pck_disable.

We have clarified it and here is the correct value:

    |      1| pkc_disable         | PKC - 0x0, NS - 0x1               |

For enabling secureboot, please burn all fuses with -p in one step. Such as:

$ sudo ./odmfuse.sh -i 0x21 -c PKC -p -k …/emi_pkc.pem -o 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000100000000

Thanks for the confirmation.

OK, will do.

Hi Dane,

I ran this command, but I did it as such:

sudo ./odmfuse.sh -i 0x21 -c PKC -p -k ~/rsa_priv.pem -o 0x1234567812345678123456781234567812345678123456781234567812345678

Which resulted in my pkc_disable fuse being set to 0x1… Are some of the 256 user-definable fuses shared with pkc_disable? Is that the issue or is something else going on?


hello nathan547,

please apply nvtboot binaries in post #27 of discussion thread Topic 144888, which has correct the fuse burn issues.