What is the current consumed by Xavier NX in standby mode?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell the current consumption of Xavier NX in standby mode?

The module is about 200mW and dev kit is about 450mw in total in SC7 status.

Hi, Trumany,

Thank you for telling us the dev kit will consume 450mW in SC7. If we put a 4-lane PCIe NVME card on the dev kit, what could be the total power consumption in deep sleep mode?



It will depend on the NVME Card you used, What’s the data you have, Does it exceed your expectation?

Hi, edli1983,

Thank you for your reply! We did the testing with NVME card. The power consumption of NVME card in its own sleep mode contributes to the total power number.

When we did the power measurement of NX dev kit with the built-in WiFi card only, the power consumption in sleep mode (we ran “sudo systemctl suspend”) is about 820mW. This number is higher than 450mW, but it is still a very low power number.

Is there other device attach on the board?
How about the power result without NVME and WiFi card?

820mW is the power consumption without NVME. With NVME, it is 2.18W (this depends on the power consumption of NVME sleep mode). We did not remove WiFi card for the testing since WiFi card is a part of NX dev kit.

There is no other device connected to dev kit during the power measurement. We removed USB mouse as well.