What is the difference between GeometryPrim and GeometryPrimView?


Please provide insight into the difference between GeometryPrim and GeometryPrimView. I understand that a prim is a USD container object. For example, it can be a shape like a cube or a sphere shown in the world (stage). It can contain a hierarchy of shapes. A robot is also a prim in that sense.

Please correct me if I am wrong and share information bout the difference between GeometryPrim and GeometryPrimView, and the design purpose behind each.



GeometryPrim is any prim object that has a geometry like a cube, sphere. mesh…etc. A GeometryPrimView is basically a batched version of the former, so you can use a regex to interact with multiple cubes, spheres…etc in one go. For example setting the world pose of 1000 cubes with one function call.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Got it. Thanks, @oahmed!

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