What is the difference between jetpack 4.4 image and DLI AI image v1.1.1?

Hi, I flashed my SD card with the DLI AI SD Card Image v1.1.1 as stated in the Getting started with AI on Jetson Nano course. Everything worked fine, so I went on to try the Hello AI World project, which also went well.

My next step was to install Darknet+YOLOv3 and try real-time object detection but I got stuck at installation. Now before I can start solving this problem, I have no idea what exactly is on the DLI AI image v1.1.1. For JetPack 4.4 there is at least a clear list of all the CUDA, cuDNN versions etcetera (no release dates for all versions unfortunately). Does anybody know what is on the DLI AI image v1.1.1?

Hi @Dawnshine, I believe the DLI image is based on JetPack 4.3, so the components would be the same as that.

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Ok thank you!