What is the difference "Jetson Nano" and "Jetson Nano Developer Kit"

I am working on the task of streaming IP camera video to the web in RTSP format. I hope that the GPU performance of the Jetson Nano will give good results in encoding and decoding the video. However, while searching the homepage, I realized that “Jetson Nano” and “Jetson Nano Developer Kit” were different. Does the performance difference between the two products have a big impact on the encoding and decoding of the video I’m aiming for?

The main difference between the two is that the Jetson Nano Module has eMMC storage built-in, and comes with a longer warranty, to be used as a component in a total system, and the jetson Nano Developer Kit requires that you add your own microSD card for storage, and comes with a shorter warranty, for direct sale to consumers/developers.
There should be no performance difference for the GPU itself as far as I can tell.