What is the error code when trying to use an unsupported device?

Let’s say I’m using OptiX 3.5 and some user has a Maxwell card, which is not supported.

Will the Context creation fail? Or where is the point of failure, so I can catch the error and switch to CPU mode?

Obviously I can’t know what cards will be out in the future, so I can’t explicitly check for them.

The clue is to download Optix 3.6.X that includes Maxwell compatibility

No, that is not what I’m asking for.

Suppose you have a product that ships, and there’s no new release for a year. In the meantime a new GPU comes out, with CC7.0 or whatever, and it’s not supported by your current OptiX version. Just as Maxwell was in the past.

It will fail, and your application will have to catch the error, and tell the user “unsupported device”. Until you make a new release.

So, where exactly can I catch the error, and interpret it correctly?