What is the format of the configFile for cuProfilerInitialize?

I am running under Win7/64, CUDA 10, dd 416.34.
I have a Quadro K620 and TitanV in my machine.

I am grabbed the vectorAddDrv example code and I am trying to do this on the TitanV card …

cuProfilerInitialize(config.txt, output.txt, CU_OUT_KEY_VALUE_PAIR)

checkCudaErrors(cuLaunchKernel(vecAdd_kernel, blocksPerGrid, 1, 1,
threadsPerBlock, 1, 1,
NULL, args, NULL));

I can’t figure out the format of the config.txt file? How do I tell it which metrics to acquire?


cuProfilerInitialize() is no longer a functioning API call (just a stub function) and really should be removed from the documentation and API (we do have an open bug to do this). Thus the config file is not ever read and the format doesn’t matter.

Please refer to these use of cuProfilerStart() and cuProfilerStop() with nvProf and Visual Profiler in

You can specify the metrics with --metrics [{comma-separated metric names}, all]
with the metrics listed here https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/profiler-users-guide/index.html#metrics-reference >

You can also use Nsight Compute. The command line interface metrics are documented in the Profile section: https://docs.nvidia.com/nsight-compute/NsightComputeCli/index.html#command-line-options-profile, however you should use --query-metrics to obtain these metrics as the names may vary from the nvprof metics on Volta.