What is the function of signal "MOD_TEMP_SHDN_EN_N" for Jetson AGX ORIN

Hi Nvidia,
We have found that there is a signal named “MOD_TEMP_SHDN_EN_N”(J62) in P3737_A04_OrCAD_schematics.pdf which is connected to GND. And there is no more details in Jetson AGX Orin Series Design Guide V1.2. May I know what it is used for and whether we should monitor this signal for a specific purpose? Thanks!

You can get below info in the Jetson _AGX_Orin_Pin_Descriptions_v1.0.nvxlsx sheet attached in Orin module datasheet.

J62 GND (TEMP_SHDN_EN_N) Enables buffered TEMP_THERM_N to trigger shutdown.

Hi Trumany,

So this pin is used to shutdown ORIN module when an external low-level signal is attached to this pin, right? Can you explain the detailed situation to use this pin? Thanks.

No, it is for module internal buffer. For custom design, just add a pull-down as reference.

OK. May I know the detailed design in module for this pin? And what we should do in carrier board design is just add a 0 ohm pull-down resistor for it?

Just add a 0ohm for it.

What does the 0 ohm resistor actually do? Does the value of this resistor need to be adjusted? Can we connect this pin directly to GND just like other GND pins?

It is reserved for possible new version module. Better to keep 0ohm.

OK. Thank you for confirming this.

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