What is the HW spec for CAN bus on DriveAGX?

Hardware Platform: DriveWorks AGX Xavier
Software Version: Drive Software 2.2
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
SDK Manager Version:

Where can I find information about CAN bus HW spec on Drive AGX? I dint see much information in mechanical guide. Mainly I am interested in looking at what is the transceiver voltage range supported. There is some strange behavior in devices with 3.3V transceiver and devices with 5V transceiver are acting little better with the DriveAGX.


Per ISO 11898 CAN specification, receivers measure differential voltage on the bus to determine the bus level.
3.3V transceivers generate the same differential voltage (≥1.5V) as 5V transceivers, all transceivers
on the bus (regardless of supply voltage) can decipher the message.
Single 3.3V supply transceiver and 3.3V/5V double supply transceiver should both work.
Don’t forget the 120ohm Rterm on both edge side of bus.

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