What is the IO Standard / Voltage level of RGMII interface on Nvidia Jetson ORIN AGX 64G?

We are designing a custom that utilizes the Jetson ORIN SOM and we plan on using its RGMII ethernet interface but we are unable to determine its voltage levels. The PHY device that we have chosen supports 1.8v, 2.5v and 3.3v.

What voltage does it work at?
Is there and thread and guide that we can follow that would help us in designing our custom board?

Thank You

It’s CMOS-1.8V as you can see in the Design Guide.

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Hello @Trumany,

Thankyou for clarifying, could you please share the design guide that you have mentioned?

We are planning to use one of these Marvell 88e1518/1512/1514 chips, which of these ICs would be suitable for our use while also considering their driver availability?


You can find necessary docs in DLC: Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer, and refer to the reference design and supported components list to choose devices.

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Hello @Trumany ,
Thanks for the prompt response.
We checked the supported components document, (Link - Log in | NVIDIA Developer), it enlists AQR113C-BO-I ETH PHY chip as the only compatible solution however it is out of stock in digital market, so is there any other alternative that we can use (either SGMII or RGMII compatible)? Can we use any of the above mentioned chips?


As said in the SCL:
If a device is not listed, it indicates that there are no current plans to validate that component at NVIDIA - it does not imply that the device will not work. Contact the respective supplier for any additional information, specifications, drivers, software or additional licensing that may be required.

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