What is the latest (last?) firmware for MTS3600Q-1BNC and how do I start the sm?

I recently acquired a 3600Q-1BNC. I’d like to upgrade it to the latest firmware. It isn’t really clear from the download page which is the correct firmware, though I suspect it is: fw-IS4-rel-7_4_3000-MIS5025Q_A1-A3.bin.zip http://www.mellanox.com/downloads/firmware/fw-IS4-rel-7_4_3000-MIS5025Q_A1-A3.bin.zip

Once it is running, I’d like to use the internal subnet manager rather than having to run opensm, but it says it needs a license. I thought an internal sm was provided with the BNC model? If so, how do I get the key and start it up?



Isn’t the BNC model managed by default and thus includes the Subnet Manager? at least that’s the way I read the manual here:

http://www.mellanox.com/pdf/user_manuals/InfiniScale_IV_36_port_Switch_UM.pdf http://www.mellanox.com/pdf/user_manuals/InfiniScale_IV_36_port_Switch_UM.pdf

Page 22 says the subnet manager is included for internally managed systems, and page 6 shows the BNC code means Managed IB RoHS.


Hi Bob,

The 3600Q-1BNC (predecessor to the IS503X switches) is listed on the EOL (end of life) page.The link below will let you download the latest SW image for this product.The SW image contains the FW and is automatically updated with the SW upgrade.To enable the SM you would need a FIT license if you have one the command to enable it is “ib smnode enable” example below.Be sure to do a “write memory” after changing any configuration so as to allow it to be persistent on reboot.


IS5030 [standalone: master] (config) # ib smnode IS5030 enable

Link to last GA version 1.1.2700 SW-

https://mellanox.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/500000007heg/a/50000000PzrH/6mE4i9DhM3mvUm58KeDDYyfiVzmdxla1tPjBVU7CFgA https://mellanox.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/500000007heg/a/50000000PzrH/6mE4i9DhM3mvUm58KeDDYyfiVzmdxla1tPjBVU7CFgA