What is the location of apk file during debugging?

I want to extract my graphics data from the apk file that is deployed to the tablet.

Before attempting that I want to confirm that the apk is in the form expected by looking for the apk file
within: void android_main(struct android_app* app)
using: app.activity.internalDataPath

This shows the path as “/data/data/com.nvidia.devtech.NativeGlobe/files” but the tablet does not have that path. I suspect that this deployment is all done in memory, and is not actually deployed. Is this so? Or is this a hidden path off the root?

Once I can see the file I will be able to confirm that the apk is essentially a zipped file holding the files I am interested in (I copied and renamed the apk to zip - from my Visual Studio solution - and peeked inside). I am trying to confirm that my included graphics file is getting into the zip in an uncompressed form.

So, should I be able to see the file using Windows Explorer or AirDriod?

Hi John,

You’ll need to use ADB to access system folders such as /data/data. You can do that directly via command shell or by using third party apps and file explorer plugins.

ADB article on Android Developers: http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html

Thanks Dmitry, I will attempt to use that shell.

Windows Explorer shows directories of various installed apps and it is here that I tried to find the current program being debugged.

Why is the apk path not visible in Windows Explorer?


Hi John,

In short, it’s because of the security considerations. You wouldn’t want anybody to access the internal file system on your device if they connect to it via USB cable. That’s why you are required to go the ADB way, which is more secure. Why Explorer doesn’t show the internal file system during the ADB session is another question though. Maybe Google considered it to be not-so-useful or confusing feature, we can only guess.

Thanks Dmitry.

I appreciate that it’s for security reasons I can’t see the file and path to it. However, I can see other app paths and files.

My simple mind likes to move 1 step at a time:

(1) run and debug the app in Visual Studio,
(2) watch it be deployed,
(3) go and see if the file is there,
(4) see if the file is zipped or not - I want my data to get there in an uncompressed form,
(5) try and open the file and get my graphics data.

I am stuck on 3!


hi John,
if you know the exact path, you can pull the file to local by.
adb pull

otherwise, you have to root your device. there are various tool to root the device. you can google for your device.