What is the maximum acheivable Ethernet bandwith in TX2 with L4T28.2.1?

From our test using iperf utility we managed to get 882 Mbps in client mode and 864 Mbps in Server mode.
This result also varies with PC to PC with same router and cables.

But in L4T27.1 we are getting bandwidth of above 900Mbps in all tested PCs.

Please Advice.

Hi nandagopalan.v,

Below is our internal test target data for you reference:

Ethernet Throughput (TCP Downlink) TCP-Downlink (MBps)    820
Ethernet Throughput (TCP Uplink) TCP-Uplink (MBps)        850
Ethernet Throughput (UDP Downlink) UDP-Downlink (MBps)    900
Ethernet Throughput (UDP Uplink) UDP-Uplink (MBps)        950