What is the maximum HDD capacity of Jetson TK1?

Hello folks!

Is there any limit to the SATA HDD capacity that can be connected to Jetson TK1?

I know there is a 2TB partition limit in MBR filesystems.

But I would like to know is there anything which would prevent me from using a 4TB GPT partition with my Jetson TK1.

Thank you.


SATA controller on TK1 is standard (Rev 3.1), would have no limit to HDD capacity as others.

Thank you for the information!

Do beware that the TK1 is a 32-bit system. The drive controller itself won’t have special limitations, nor will the TK1 compared to other 32-bit systems…but 32-bit systems in general are limited in comparison to 64-bit systems. U-Boot understands GPT so booting from many/large GPT partitions won’t be an issue (Jetsons don’t have a BIOS), plus the kernel understands GPT. 32-bit addressing is still a limitation if you compare to 64-bit.