What is the meaning of NvMediaDlaInit Error


I faced NvMediaDlaInit: Init failed error message when I load multiple contexts on a DLA at the same time.

ERROR: ../rtExt/dla/native/dlaUtils.cpp (154) - DLA Error in deserialize: 7 (NvMediaDlaInit : Init failed.)

I loaded DLA contexts one by one until I faced NvMediaDlaInit error. In this case, I met the error message when loading the 3rd context.

However, when I tried different model, DLA can afford 3 contexts at the same time.

I want to figure out when “NvMediaDlaInit: Init failed” error occurs and why this error occurs.

I found some information about NvMediaDlaInit in this link, but I still can’t figure out when NvMediaDla Initialization does fail and where this error comes from.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



The error occurs when calling an internal DLA function multiple times.
And we already have some related fix internally.

If you can share a simple source to reproduce it.
We can check if this issue is fixed in our next release for you.