What is the minimum driver version needed to run DeviceQuery app?

I built the DeviceQuery app from the toolkit 5.5 samples using Visual Studio 2008. When I run it on my machine it runs fine, however when I run it on another machine with an older driver the app errors out with error number 35: cudaErrorInsufficientDriver. Of course when I update this machine to have the latest drivers it runs fine, but I’d like to know the minimum driver version needed to run this app. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere, and on the Samples webpage it just says Minimum Required GPU = SM1.0, I’m guessing that SM1.0 = Compute Capability version 1.0, but that doesn’t tell me the minimum driver version either.

I built the app on Windows 7 with VS2008 and the sample links in the cuda libraries from the 5.5 sdk: cuda.lib and cudaart_static.lib. I’m running the app on other Windows 7 machines.

One way to find out with recent CUDA release is to check what driver comes with the combo installer. It seems for CUDA 5.5 this would be driver version 319.37.