What is the Omniverse Live Sync workflow with USDs for Unity?

What is the workflow for using Omniverse Live Sync to edit an existing USD file? For example, I have an USD file that I want to edit in both Unity and Omniverse Create at the same time. Off hand, I would expect that I open that USD file (stored on the Nucleus server) in both Unity and Create, start the live sync, and start editing. However, Unity doesn’t seem to have the ability to open a USD file directly. Watching the “Getting Started” video, it looks like the connector expects that I start with a Unity scene that I save to USD and then open that in Create before starting the live sync. What is the correct order of operations? Given that I am able to create a USD file outside of Unity, it seems redundant to import a USD file to Unity, save it as a scene, reopen the scene, export to USD, then open in Create.

The current Unity Live Sync implementation is limited where we cannot open a USD file for live sync with Unity, we can only initial Live sync from Unity by Exporting USD from Unity and then joining with other apps with connectors such as Omniverse Create or Maya, etc.

We are working on Bi-directional live sync which will provide a more robust Live Sync workflow as you are expecting.

Thank you, good to hear.

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