What is the password for the login "dlinano"


I downloaded the SD card image dlinano_v1-0-0_image_20GB.zip and flashed my SD card with it.
Once booted for the 1st time, the system didn’t ask me for creating a new login.
So I’m in face of the screen where login is dlinanon.
Does anyone know the password for dlinanon ?

Hi py.ohayo, the username should be dlinano and the password should be dlinano

Me too. I’ve try to log directly on nano and thé dlinano password doesn’t work. What’s the good password?

Do you have a qwerty keyboard layout, or something like azerty? I believe the locale is already set to qwerty in the dlinano image, but am not certain.

If azerty is the case, you might try typing in “dlinqno” for the username and password.

I may have made a mistake, but here are the two keyboard layouts side by side:


You can search for converter websites online for azerty and other layouts but at least one I found was broken.

Thanks mdegans! Yes i have AZERTY keyboard. So when you type dlinqno it log in dlinano user on ubuntu.now i try to install french for using AZERTY keyboard but it dont reach Ubuntu server , the chromium works… Does somebody know how to declare a AZERTY keyboard on Ubuntu?

Yw, Guillaume,

Please see steps 3-5 here: