What is the release schedule for CUDA, Torch and DIGITS for Ubuntu 16.04 ?

Like many users, I encountered the “black-screen” problem when installing the Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 14.04.
I’ve tried many things, none of them worked.
According to the Ubuntu Community, the only solution in my case was to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04. I did it and it solved my “black-screen” problem.

Unfortunately, there are currently no version of CUDA, Torch and DIGITS for Ubuntu 16.04 (CUDA: 15.04 max and Torch/Digits 14.04 max).

I see some people already have experimented and managed to install CUDA as well as CuDNN on Ubuntu 16.04, but still…

When are the Ubuntu 16.04 versions of CUDA, Torch and DIGITS scheduled for release ?

Just a few notes:

  1. NVIDIA generally doesn’t publicize future release plans for future software products here. Nor are such questions generally responded to.

  2. Torch is not an NVIDIA product. There may be other, better forums to ask questions specific to Torch.

  3. For platforms other than Ubuntu 14.04 at the moment, you should be able to build DIGITS from source:


FYI, it looks like CUDA 8.0 does have a Ubuntu 16.04 target. However, I’m having difficulty getting it to work properly with libraries (Theano and TensorFlow) so your mileage may vary.

Thanks for your reply txbob and orionr.
I’ll give it a try though I doubt I’ll succeed.

Here’s a good how-to on getting Digits running with Ubuntu 16.04 and Cuda 8.0 RC