What is the state of all pins when the Jetson is in force recovery mode?

I want to know if all or most of the pins on the Jetson Nano are high-impedance when the SoM is put into force recovery mode.

We have a watchdog on our custom board, and when the Jetson is booted it needs to toggle a pin to reset the timer. All of that works fine, but when I put the Jetson into force recovery mode the watchdog doesn’t turn off the SoM when the timer expires. As the SoM is not in its regular mode, it wouldn’t be running the software that toggles a GPIO high-low to reset the watchdog timer.

I’m wondering where I might see the pin states of each pin under force recovery mode so I can understand why the circuit is not shutting down the SoM when the timer expires.

Hi, recovery mode is for flashing only, not for other use case. No matter what the pin status is, custom design should not use it as a normal use case.

I can’t physically cut the traces on the board every time I want to enter recovery mode. The circuitry that I connect to the Nano will be affected by the pin states when the device is in force recovery mode. I need to understand those pin states so I can design the surrounding circuitry to deal with this condition.

The POR column in pinmux sheet is the default pin status.

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