What is the strategy for reorder in the cuDss?

I have a matrix as fig.1
In cuDss, I get the reorder pattern shown as fig.2.
I use Analyzer to find that cuDss may use meits to do the reorder (shown as fig.3).
So I directly use Metis_NodeND and Metis_NodeNDP (c++ function) to get the permutation and apply it to cuDss. The result pattern is shown as fig.4 and fig.5.
I think cuDss may have continued to do the row and column transformations for some purpose after calling metis. I read the official documentation and tried to do some row and column transformations, but it didn’t work, and I wondered if I could get some directions or papers?





All 3 figures (2,4,5) are expected. Unfortunately we don’t disclose implementation details.
May I ask why do you need this kind of details?
Best regards, Anton

Sorry for the late reply. I think this problem has been solved. This pattern looks very interesting and there is a gap with the results of Metis, so we really want to know the purpose of such a transformation. May be this row-column pattern can accelerate some calculations.

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