What is the targetPrim

when use omni.isaac.core_nodes.IsaacArticulationController, how to set the targetPrim?

    robo = get_prim_at_path(prim)
    values = [
        ('differential_controller.inputs:wheelDistance', 0.4132)
        ,('differential_controller.inputs:wheelRadius', 0.04295)

        ,('articulation_controller.inputs:robotPath', f'{prim}/{root}')
        ,('articulation_controller.inputs:targetPrim', robo) # error here
        ,('articulation_controller.inputs:jointNames', [left_wheel, right_wheel])

Hi @vinrougeed - It seems that the variable ‘robo’ is not defined properly or has an invalid value. Is it possible for you to share the whole code snippet to look further?