What is the VideoCore/DispmanX analog of the Jetson Nano?

I’m working to port Flutter Desktop to Jetson Nano and it requires a custom embedder for each plataform. There’s one for raspberry pi: https://github.com/chinmaygarde/flutter_from_scratch/blob/master/flutter/pi_display.cc which uses Raspberry Pi’s Video Core API and this thing called DispmanX API:


The rasberry embedder is mostly EGL code which should work fine on the Jetson Nano. However, I’ve seen calls to DispmanX and I don’t know what should be the analog of it in Jetson Nano.

Anyone knows which API I should call on Jetson Nano?

I’ve also read that

Dispmanx is a windowing system in the process of being deprecated in favour of OpenWF (or similar), however dispmanx is still used in all API demos and it’s replacement may not yet be available. [1](confirmation required?)

is this OpenWF supported on Jetson Nano?

NO, we don’t have dispmanx lib in our driver package so I think that will not work.

Normally we support the GLES and it is based on xorg(x11) or weston(Wayland) as window system.
The most common way is the xorg.