What is virtual channel features on Jetson AGX Xavier?


I have two questions about virtual channel feature for creating 16 cameras system. I think it is easy to create single camera case and 6 cameras case but it will become harder because up to 7 cameras case need virtual channel feature.

So the questions are below:
・I don’t know what virtual channel feature. Does this functionality depend on hardware or software?
・In the case of creating 16 cameras, Will I need a hub for connecting multiple cameras? If so, will I require to make the hub by using breadboard or universal board, won’t I?

For a guide to integrating multiple cameras, I referred to “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Series Camera Module, Hardware Design Guide, v1.2”.


Virtual channel is the MIPI spec to define HW and software to support multiple sensors.
You need HW design also kernel driver for it.

Also you can reference to below document.

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Thanks! I will try it!