What is warmboot.bin firmware for TX2?

I was behind supporting hibernation on Jetson TX2.

After some research, I found warmboot firmware is playing some role in suspend-to-mem/resume path.
But it is not clear what critical role is played by warmboot.bin and bpmp firmware for suspend-to-mem.

Q1. What is the role played by warmboot.bin and bpmp.bin in system suspend/resume.

Q2. Can I do the same role played by warmboot.bin from any suspend/resume driver call backs like
save/restore of context or de-assert resets etc…

Hi chivas_regal,

Could we know why wants to bypass the normal firmware-based mechanism and implement via a (kernel) driver?


Hi kayccc,

We are trying to resume from a hibernated image.

I think, resuming from a suspended-to-disk(hibernation) is not going through all Power Management firmwares. CPU0 is directly jumping to cpu_resume. This is the same function address passed to psci suspend.

I may be missing something.
For example, de-assert reset to an IP.
Restore GPIO controller context etc.

As the functionalities of the firmwares involved is completely unknown, we are facing issues
in resume of several devices. (eg: USB, eMMC, Ethernet, I2C etc)

My question can be translated simply like below,
"how difficult will be the implementation of ‘suspend-to-disk’ for jetson TX2.?

Hi chivas_regal

By discussion internally, hibernation support is available in linux kernel from K4.7 onwards.
We’re considering to support it, however there is no firm schedule yet.
If there is further update, I will share with you.


Is there any update about hibernation support?

Which JetPack version can support hibernation feature?