What kind of Optic Module can be used on BF3(900-9D3B6-00CV-AA0) and Switch(H3C 9825-64D)

Hi, experts:

I want to connect my Bule-field3(900-9D3B6-00CV-AA0) with 2x200G port to switch(H3C 9825-64D) with a breakout fible.
At switch side the network interface is QSFP-DD 400G, and can be split to 2x200G QSFP56 as well.

Question: does BF3 support QSFP56 200G connection to switch? if not, what kind of 200G optic modules can be used?

Dear customer,

This is Cho from Enterprise Support.
You may be able to check the supported cable list for BF3 from the link below;


If you need further assistance regarding BF3, please contact Enterprise Support with the entitlement/warranty of the BF3.

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Thank you Cho, the link helps!